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Annual Events


Fall Rally South

Fall Rally South is an annual event where Key Clubbers from all around Southern California come to Six Flags Magic Mountain to fight for the Spirit Stick! Key Clubbers dress up in their respective division colors and "spirit battle" other divisions to show that their division has the most spirit. They also auction off their LTG's and raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program. After a whole day of cheering, Key Clubbers can relax and enjoy Six Flags!



DCON (District Convention) is where Key Clubbers from all around California - Nevada - Hawaii come to celebrate the end of the term. DCON is held at either Reno, Nevada or Ontario, California, changing every other year. At this 3 day event, members are able to partake in event-wide events like scavenger hunts and attend workshops where they get to learn how to become better Key Clubbers and what Key Club is all about. At the end of the second-to-last day, members attend the Governor's Ball and commemorate everyone who got distinguished awards and welcome in the new board!

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